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Let us tell you all about workations

A workation is the combination of work and vacation or relaxation. It’s an opportunity to connect with the group at inspiring places outside your usual work environment – “out of office”. Instead of working at the office you work at places that offer a refreshing atmosphere and many possibilities to get active or relax after work. In the countryside, in the mountains, at the sea or in the city – whatever is the best setting for you to achieve your professional goals during the workation.

There are two options: Join a group or travel as a team. Certain workations are offered as an opportunity to join a group of like-minded entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers. If you already know which people you’d like to go on a workation with, there’s the opportunity to book a team workation. Team workations can for instance be organized as an exclusive offsite team building experience or to work focused on a certain project or strategy planning.

This can be very different and depends on what you are looking for. The less attendees there are, the more intensive is the exchange between them. Bigger groups offer more opportunities to network. The number of attendees can be limited by the kind of accommodation or setup. Usually group sizes span from 5 to 30 participants.

We have a vast network of partners for workation locations and activities. We make sure that every element of the workation perfectly fits the group’s needs. You do not need to ask us whether there is good internet. This is a prerequisite, unless you want digital detox. We take care of logistics and communicate with partners. We take time to listen to you and understand your needs. Together we agree on requirements and co-create your workation experience.

With our background both in people development and event management we ensure a human experience, made by humans, fit for humans – no machine or booking platform can replace that (yet). We are creative and innovative in finding the best solutions for each group. We’ve seen many examples of successful workations and share best practices. We help evolve the concept of remote work and shape the future of work. We make workations work.

The aim of a workation is to bring you, your project or your business to the next level. It is an unforgettable, sustainable experience that also comes with work-life-balance and proves that work and professional development can be a lot of fun. You will have a great time together with other attendees while developing yourself and your business. A workation is all about community, networking, co-working, exchange, team-building. And of course to live and share your professional passion.

No workation is like the other. This is totally individual and depends on the purpose of the workation and the group. Out Of Office Workations creates a tailor-made event for you, according to your wishes and intentions.

Tell us what you need and we will make it happen. We choose a location and accommodation (villa, finca, farmhouse, guesthouse etc.) according to your wishes and requirements. We can arrange meals, activities, workshops, trainings or coachings. Based on our experience we can recommend an itinerary and an agenda that best fits your needs. Leisure activities can be easily booked through us. We can also help with arranging transport and organize additional activities, where we might be able to get good group deals. Feel free to explore the descriptions of the different workations we offer or let us know about your individual plans and ideas.

We offer workations that take place at a certain date or we organize a workation for you at a preferred time. There is a special occasion or anniversary? We try to make it happen. We help you find the perfect date, also considering seasons, holidays, holiday periods, trade fairs or any other events taking place.

Co-working, project work, strategy planning, design sprints, mastermind sessions, workshops, presentations, trainings, coaching, discussions, etc. – whatever helps you reach your goals. We have broad experience in different ways of working and professional development and can thus advice you on different formats and agendas. Networking and new connections are great side benefits!

Workations can be organized to bring people together, who share the same interest, hobby or professional passion. Because sharing your passion with like-minded people is just so much fun. This can be sports (surfing, kitesurfing (our passion!), mountain biking, hiking), sightseeing or other interests and topics (yoga, meditation, mindfulness, self-development). We also arrange workations around trade fairs (e.g. Web Summit, The Next Web) and other industry-related events.

Getting out of the office, leaving known routines, work with like-minded people in an inspiring, pleasant and nourishing environment, will be rewarded with motivation, energy, creativity, new impressions, ideas and impulses. Attendees will recharge their batteries, get to know and inspire each other, share expertise and ideas intensively and get work done with focus and enthusiasm. It is a unique opportunity to come together, develop and grow. Companies that send their employees on a workation offer a great benefit and benefit by putting focus to the team, the individual team members, their values and flexibility, as well as showing appreciation and providing recreational opportunities. Thus, everyone benefits from sustainable outcomes and results.

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