Out of Office Workations

We offer unique group experiences outside the usual work environment. With the right balance of work and leisure. For work teams - think offsite or teambuilding - or groups of like-minded remote workers - think co-working or personal and professional development. It all started with an idea. In 2018, Anne-Marie  and her friend Marie talked about how great it would be to work for some time at each other’s home bases. Marie runs the co-working space ‘Bock Office’ in Davos, in the Swiss Alps. Anne-Marie calls the city of Amsterdam with its 60+ co-working spaces and close-by beach cafés her home and work base. They visited each other and quickly realized how inspiring and motivating it was to work for some time in a different environment together with like-minded people. They exchanged productivity hacks, introduced each other to their respective networks, and proudly served as local guides to their favourite cafes and activities. The idea was born: let’s share this amazing experience with groups of remote workers and teams! Anne-Marie started Out of Office Workations in 2018 with two goals:
  • offer a platform for hand-picked workations, that allow for unique, value-adding remote work or teambuilding experiences
  • design unique workations and team events, that help you reach your specific goals – whether it’s teambuilding, personal or professional development, well-being or trying a new sport or activity; close by or far away

"Get work done and enjoy" - that is our spirit

Our mission is to help you to...

Get out of the office

We provide an amazing work experience outside your usual work environment. Stay in a villa near the beach, a mountain hut or a city loft – close to home or far away. That’s what working from anywhere permits!

Connect & Grow

We create opportunities for people to share expertise and learn from each other and get creative. We want you to get inspired to try something new, and spark personal as well as professional growth.

Be productive

We help remote workers increase productivity and work-life balance at the same time. How? Through professional guidance and coaching, focused work and leisure times, and a supportive work environment.

Anne-Marie  |  Founder

Anne-Marie loves being active and learning something new every day. It’s that drive and curiosity she also applies when designing or picking unique workations and team events. Her background in Human Resources Consulting helps her to offer meaningful experiences that actually support professional development and personal growth. Her experience as world traveller, yogi and iko certified kitesurfing instructor inspires creative ideas for workation locations and team activities. Last but not least, Anne-Marie cares deeply for our planet and its people. With her workations, she wants to support exchange between people and cultures. She also wants to raise awareness for protecting our environment and taking care of each other.

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