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Weekend Workation – How to make flexwork work

95,00210,00 p.p.

Join us in Alkmaar, the Netherlands, from 24th to 26th of May for a weekend of networking, workshops, fun activities and healthy food. This Weekend Workation brings together people who’d like to meet like-minded flex-workers. It’s also for everyone who wants to get a taste of remote work life. And it’s a great opportunity to experience what it’s like to go on ‘workation’!

Workations work Out of office - beach

Beach & work in the Netherlands

Join us in the Netherlands for a week of beach life and co-working. This Out of Office Workation brings together people who like to spend time at the beach and want to get work done with a group of like-minded remote workers. How much work and how much leisure time - that's up to you. We help you make your workation work.